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Family: Marriage.


Family: Fatherhood.



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  • Premium S.H.I.F.T. Course Suites
  • ​Replays of Past 2 Men's Conferences
  • ​Replay of "Stop Guessing" Live Event
  • ​Bonus 1: Family Worship Book & Course Suite
  • ​Bonus 2: 3 Months Membership in The Winning Circle
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      Premium Courses (6 Core Areas of Winning)
      ($579 Value)

      Don't Just Dream Of Winning, Train For It!

      From your portal (accessible via desktop or a mobile app), you'll have access to over EIGHT hours of revolutionary video courses and accompanying digital workbooks with premium content to help you SHIFT your perspective on winning and focus on achieving success in core areas:

      • Spirituality
      • Health: Physical & Mental Wellness (2 courses)
      • Integrity
      • Family: Marriage and Parenting (2 courses)
      • Tribe
      Access to 3 Men's Conference Replays
      ($201 Value)

      If you attended the 2020 and 2021 Men's "5 Ways Men Can Win" Conferences, you know they were life-changing on an unimaginable level, and the content from all of the speakers was too rich and dense to consume in one session. There were so many unearthed golden nuggets of ground-breaking information that it was impossible to capture them all the first time around.

      We had some phenomenal presentations from dynamic speakers including Jeremy Anderson, Ronnie Vanderhorst, Eric Thomas, Debleaire Snell, Dr. Wesley Knight, Dr. Jason O'Rourke, Nathaniel Drew, Freddie Russell, and Calvin Roberson.

      We've got you covered on the rewatch with lifetime access to all three conferences (including our most recent "Stop Guessing" event)! That's over 8 hours of exclusive content that you couldn't get for free once the conferences end - but we're including it for YOU.

      Freddie Russell
      Winning In Spirituality
      Jeremy Anderson:
      Healing In Marriage
      Eric Thomas:
      Winning In Fatherhood
      Dr. Wesley Knight:
      Healing In Sexual Purity

      2020 Men's Conference:
      5 Ways For Men To Win

      Spring 2021 Men's Conference:
      Get Healed Or Die Trying

      Fall 2021 Men's Conference:
      Stop Guessing

      Bonus: FREE 40-Day Family Worship Challenge
      Book & Videos ($97 Value)

      What if you could change the destiny of your family by committing about fifteen minutes of your day to God?

      In this book and upcoming NEW course suite by MyRon Edmonds, you'll undertake a 40-day challenge and see how  bringing your household together for about fifteen minutes each day in meaningful family worship could potentially change your family’s life.

      These powerful resources present a revolutionary concept of family worship that's practical amidst the rat race of our busy lives and has the potential of changing lives AND saving generations.



      Bonus: 3 Months Membership in The Winning Circle!

      In This Men's-Only Community, You Will:

      • Define what true success is and learn steps to achieving it
      • ​Have access to specialists to help you grow emotionally, financially, and spiritually
      • ​Connect and get transparent with other men to achieve collective healing
      • ​​Have goals, weekly challenges, and proactive accountability to spur you on to victory
      Weekly Power-Up Calls
      ($397 Value)

      Accountability Is The Glue That Bridges Commitment And Results

      Every Monday morning, we'll have a video call that will energize you and prepare you to win in the upcoming week. In these calls, you'll have the opportunity to:

      • Hear from guest presenters that are experts in their field 
      • Receive challenges that you'll carry out that week
      • Interact with/encourage other brothers on the online chat
      • ​Hold each other accountable from week to week
      Monthly Meetups
      ($147 Value)

      If You Don't Know Where You're Going, Any Road Will Take You There!

      Everything in The Winning Circle is designed and executed with purpose and direction. You'll receive checklists, scorecards, assessments, and other resources within our growth curriculum that'll help you create goals that are:

      • Specific, tangible, and practical
      • Measurable so that you can gauge your progress
      • Ambitious yet Attainable, challenging you to push yourself to reasonable limits
      • ​​Relevant, where you focus on the most impactful areas of potential growth
      • ​Time-bound for accountability in completing tasks before a set date
      Bi-Weekly Expert Presentations & Networking ($347 Value)

      Your Network Is Your Net Worth!

      Every other Wednesday, we'll have a "Networking Power Lunch" video call with interactive presentations from guest experts on how to win in practical areas of our lives, including:

      • Finances: Investing, real estate, escaping debt, business building
      • Marriage: Improving existing relationships, overcoming divorce, and getting prepared for marriage or re-marriage
      • Goal-Setting & Time Management: Being more effective in careers, balancing responsibilities, and thriving in work/school
      • Breaking Addictions: Practical strategies for overcoming sexual and substance addictions and replacing them with healthy habits 

      This will be a space not only to gain valuable information that can help you succeed but also a spot to share your specific expertise with the other brothers and capitalize on invaluable networking opportunities with your tribe!

      Membership in Small Group Online Community ($647 Value)

      Alone, We Can Do So Little; Together, We Can Do So Much!

      In the private Facebook group (which is separate from the general 5 Ways Men Can Win group for conference registrants), we'll build upon the progress we make during the mastermind coaching sessions, weekly power-up calls, and monthly meetups: 

      • Receive tips related to specific topics addressed in our group
      • ​Get transparent in a safe space that may be less intimidating than a "live" environment
      • ​Build long-lasting relationships that foster transformative growth


      "Having the support of an exclusive group of men to help deal with manly issues, concerns, triumphs and trials is priceless!! The group is helping change the paradigm."

      “All of us have blind spots and unfinished business in our lives, especially black men. We may be hiding, ignoring, or under-performing. If you want to live your best life and have fruitful relationships, the masks have to come off. The Winning Circle is a no-judgment community to help you discover your authentic self. Do it for you and those you care about.”

      "It was great learning that other men out there have the same problems and victories as me and the fact we can talk freely is also great too. This helped me in my family life and getting a better relationship with my sons. We have a young man in our group and I just told him I am jealous of him because if I could have learned these ideas and problem solving I would have been a better man for it."



      "We were not meant to do life alone. The Winning Circle gives access to a community of brothers who are encouraging and striving to win and be successful in the things that truly matter in life. It’s a band of brothers to go to war with in this journey of life."

      "As a man, you will get a lot of answers to questions you have had and even answers to questions you didn't know you should be asking, but need them too. The Monday morning coaching calls have really started my week off in the right way. You develop good and healthy bonds organically, which is definitely needed in the world we live in."

      “The support and encouragement, especially the powerful group meetings and Monday morning sessions, has been wonderful. It is a blessing to know there are other men who share their struggles and victories in a safe place. To see the strength of the brothers and also the broken human side of the brothers in a real sometimes very raw but safe space without condemnation."




      “My wife told me she sees a change in me as a result of the Winning Circle.  It is motivating her to be a better version of herself as well. She said she feels more secure and trusting of me, now that I am enroute to more clarity for myself and our family.  Men desperately need community in this day and age. We need God, but we also need each other. It is TOUGH being a man. It carries a heavy responsibility. Sometimes this responsibility is too heavy to lift alone. Men need to lift each other up and the Winning Circle is the perfect storm to do that!"

      "I can only tell you what it has done to help me get a handle on what’s really not working in my marriage and family and show me a way forward by inspiring me with hope and great support and encouragement from an awesome like-minded community of men!"

      “There is a LOT that we as men can win in, but does it all really matter? Prestige, wealth, popularity, fame, athleticism, dominance. At the end of the day, what legacy do you want to leave? How do you want to be remembered? For me, I want to leave a legacy of being a God-fearing man, who loved and was true to his family, who lived a healthy lifestyle and managed his financial affairs as a good steward. THAT's why you need to register for the Winning Circle! It not only provides you with tools that you may have "known" about, but it shows you how to EFFECTIVELY use them. Like Moses, we need to unlearn some bad traits in order to reach the Promised Land! Don't pass up on this opportunity to win in the things that matter. Sign-up today!"




      "Rarely do we encounter a leader with the kind of transparency and genuineness that Dr. Edmonds brings to the table. I’ve appreciated the wise counsel he so easily dispenses, but I have grown the most by simply watching him lead with intentionality. Everything he does is marked by excellence, service to others, and sheer anointing. His reservoir of knowledge and experience is deeper than most, and I for one am glad he’s willing to share it with the world."

      John Coaxum, Pastor, Author, Leadership Consultant
      “Dr. MyRon Edmonds has been an excellent, passionate, and Spirit-filled mentor to me over the past 10+ years. He has invested in my development as a man, husband, pastor, and leader. His authenticity in preaching and teaching, as well as his contagious love for people, has left an indelible impression on my life."

      Richard Martin, Speaker, Pastor, Author
      "Dr. Edmonds has been a true inspiration in my life and ministry. Regardless of the situation, MyRon finds a way to use life experience and wisdom to help you discover the right path as a leader. His commitment to doing whatever it takes to maximize his effectiveness spills over onto everyone he comes in contact with and is a true testament to his influence. His investment in my life has allowed me to avoid many leadership pitfalls that young leaders face. My connection with MyRon has been an asset to my growth!"

      Jason Anthony Bulgin, Speaker, Leader, Pastor


      • Premium S.H.I.F.T. Course Suites
      • ​Replays of Past 2 Men's Conferences
      • ​Replay of "Stop Guessing" Live Event
      • ​Bonus 1: Family Worship Book & Course Suite
      • ​Bonus 2: 3 Months Membership in The Winning Circle
        • $597 Value
          • $134 Value
          • $67 Value
          • $97 Value
          • $147 Value

          Total Value: $1,013   

          Grab Your Bundle For Only $397 $247!

          (The Winning Circle)

          Do I have to have a Facebook account to join The Winning Circle?
          No. We do have a private, members-only Facebook group for the men in which we share our celebrations and our challenges. However, you can watch and participate in the Monday motivational calls, the bi-weekly Wednesday networking lunches, and monthly meetups via Zoom. You'll also be able to (depending on the package you chose) connect with your coaching community and access all the premium courses, scorecard, and other digital resources in the membership site. Thus, the Facebook group is a benefit, but it’s only one component of everything that the Winning Circle has to offer.
          How soon will I have access to the community and resources once I join?
          Immediately! Upon registering, you'll receive an e-mail with login information for the membership portal (accessible via desktop or mobile) and instructions on how to explore all of the resources included in your selected Winning Circle package. You'll also get a link to join the Facebook group, and those requests are generally approved within minutes.
          How often will I be billed?
          You'll be automatically debited the subscription price for your selected package on the same day each month as when you first registered.
          Who do I contact for technical support?
          You can call 440-462-9024 or send an email to
          What is a meetup?
          On the second Tuesday of every month, we gather together on Zoom in an interactive space available to all of the men in the Winning Circle. We may have a presenter share briefly, but it’s primarily a men’s hangout where we get real with each other. During that hour or so, we may laugh, cry, share experiences and testimonies, and pray for each other.
          What times are the weekly Power-Up calls and what are they like?
          These weekly calls take place on Monday mornings at 7 am EST, as we have found that they help brothers get a boost to start their week. Each call begins with a motivational presentation shared by MyRon or a guest expert, a challenge for the month, and time for feedback and questions from the group attendants. The calls take place on Zoom and are streamed in the Facebook group, and both platforms allow you to type questions and comments. 
          What happens if I miss the weekly calls?
          While we highly encourage you to benefit from the experience of attending the live calls, we know that 7 AM EST doesn’t always work for everyone’s availability. Fortunately, the calls are recorded and archived in both the Winning Circle Facebook group and in our membership site for later viewing at your convenience. We also include the notes from the calls with the recordings in the membership site.
          How do I cancel my membership?
          Log into your account and click on the avatar from the page header. Then select Settings from the dropdown then click Billing in the top right of the page and select Cancel. You can also email and our customer support will handle your request.
          How do you handle refund requests?
          Since the Winning Circle is a monthly membership program, you are allowed to cancel at any point. You will not be able to be refunded for the current month's unused portion of your membership, so if you plan on cancelling, make sure you do so before your next billing date.
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